About me

“Art is the highest form of hope” (Gerhard Richter).

My name is Zhibek and I am the artist behind Zhibek Fine Art.

I spent my childhood in Central Asia and have been painting since I remember myself. I've graduated linguistics (1998) and social science (2017). Later on I did a lot of master classes with great artists like Igor Sakharov, Sergei Kurbatov, to name just a few.

Over the years, I painted many landscapes, flowers, portraits and abstracts. My current passion in art is to create more digital abstracts but also figurative artworks.

I’m an artist first, and photography is a tool that I use to express myself: I seek moments of inspiration and enjoy the process of creating. It makes me happy to try new techniques and bring joy and pleasure to the viewers through my art.

My images should invite you to feel the vibrations of hope, joy and relief... To slow down and take a moment of contemplation, to feel the energy of life. 


LMU Ludwig-Maximilian-Universität München
SDI Sprachen- und - Dolmetscher Institut München
MUAS Munich University of Applied Sciences


Condé Nast (House & Garden UK,  The World of Interiors January - February 2022 issues):

"Zhibek Alipour is a contemporary artist from Central Asia living in Bavarian Alps in Germany.

She has background in linguistics and social sciences. Zhibek is member of Munich Art Association, exhibited in private collections in USA, Germany and UK.

The diversity of her artworks is shown in a range from portraiture to abstracts.

As a painter and photographer, Zhibek aims to express the feelings of powerful simplicity, joy and gratitude." 

Visit https://taplink.cc/zhibek.gallery and @zhibek.gallery

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